Thursday, July 31, 2014

Armed with Imagination

She attempted to conjure a backdrop intense,
which took ages, but she finally found
one, as it suddenly appeared in her mind-
of reluctance to lose it, she hurriedly penned down-

A sinister silence pervaded the air,
the sky devoid of the sun's flaming glare
Darkness and shadow seemed to haunt
The trees arched down, somber and gaunt
Whatever faint moonlight was hidden by a cloud,
the wind whispered piercing and loud
I can't find my way back to where I began,
my roam had been enacted without a plan
Indistinguishable was every turn,
the sudden hush was making my stomach churn,
working myself up into a frenzy of dread,
that grew with every step I would tread
Adrift and astray, had gone my path
leaving me victim to solitude's wrath
My eyes scanned the scene for a mark,
that I would be rescued from the dark
that was so perplexing when I traipsed alone
wandering into the great unknown

Waves of ideas began to crash
upon a mind that initially held none
They rolled as inspiration, never to cease,
as she drafted them down one by one

Noise continually pressed in on every side,
people walked purposefully with confident strides
Vehicles traveled along the street,
the gravel echoed with the pounding of feet
As I searched my way out with growing unease,
perspiring despite the gentle breeze,
anxiety hanging over my clouded mind,
that seemed absolutely unable to find
a logical response to my current plight
of disarray and mayhem mingled with fright
Each road and building were irksomely akin,
in endless circles I continued to spin
as people walked unfaltering, never to pause,
appearing too occupied to halt, going for such a cause,
My eyes scanned the crowded scene for a sign,
anything, anything enough benign
that could save me from this muddling ordeal,
that's beginning to seem rather surreal

A facade of determination, armed with her thoughts,
she sailed on with whatever her imagination had brought...

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