Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Pinnacle

Rising to towering heights
growing since prehistoric ages,
like castles of primeval times
that handle the changes of a growing world,
still retaining their grandeur and might,
but devoid of design and organization
innately established, yet flawless in pattern
They collect the cascading crystals,
careening from the clouded sky-
becoming smoother, fewer indentations,
more treacherous for explorers to climb
Countless have dared to venture forth
to subdue nature's most potent edifice,
battling surges of snow, pyramids of rocks
glaciated valleys, sheets of shattered ice...
Blanketed by a cover of silvery mist
unfazed by the bitter wind that rushes past
with a summit comprised of pristine snow flurry
is the lofty prestige of mountains
unflustered by the passage of time-
a pinnacle of glory
nature's power having amassed

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