Saturday, September 27, 2014

She Painted...

Under a tree in the autumn glow,
a crisp, enlivening breeze commencing its blow,
she stood armed with an easel, paper, a brush,
on her cheeks etched an ardent flush

She painted the journey of the growing trees,
she caught the movement of the swirling leaves
that danced in the wind, whirled in the breeze,
she painted her feelings, never to cease

She painted the motion of the billowing clouds,
that governed the sky- complacent and proud
The soft colors of autumn- they would shroud,
whilst she painted her emotions, burgeoning and loud

She painted the hills- a stunning sight,
its peaks seasonally crowned by a blanket of white,
that thawed with the heat, shimmered in the night-
an embodiment of her fervor that shone with its might

She painted the affection, she painted the care
of the creatures with whom the world she shares-
their excursions, their pleasure- instances so rare,
she painted her spirit for which she treasured a flair

She painted her sentiments well into the day,
other matters of importance would be kept at bay
She honed her love in an individual, unique way,
she painted until the sun had exhausted its rays

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