Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Lovely Butterfly

I went out in the garden
with my camera to look for something cool,
For my teacher said
it was an assignment for school.

I first saw some flowers
but they were really nothing new,
for there were many flowers in my garden
not only a few.

Then I saw an earthworm
slithering across the grass,
I'm a bit scared of earthworms
And ran to the other side of my garden, fast.

Finally I saw a lovely butterfly
whose wings were pink and red,
I took a picture of it at once,
for it was big and looked well-fed.
It hid in the trees, and I wondered where it went
it had camouflaged! It's really sly!
Then the lovely thing came over to me and said:
"I'm a twittery pearl-bordered butterfly!"

Then I showed the picture of the butterfly to my teacher the next day,
and she said it took her breath away.

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