Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Noon Moon

I looked up from my demanding books, one lifeless summer noon
with formulae floating around my head, and praying for a distraction soon
But next, in the sunny sky, I saw the strangest sight
(an apparition I witness only from the darkening evening till night)
Brimming with wonder, I craned my head; at the yellow sky I had squint
it was then did my curious eyes catch the slightest, steely glint
I jumped up from my table, rushed to the balcony, and pushed open the rusted door
and came across the queerest vision I had never seen before
An eerie gray mass- perhaps a sphere- against the blinding sky it hovered
my head throbbing from the incredulity of what I had just discovered
Sadly, as for my ephemeral discovery, it had been very skillfully shroud
by a truly aggravating, refusing-to-move, fluffy, marshmallow cloud
My mind began to soar to all those story books I had read
so could this strange mass possibly be a pendulum suspended by a thread?
Could it be a well concealed bob, flawless in disguise,
fashioned by an evil spirit- so that mankind is hypnotized?
Or could it be a nocturnal comet, housing ice, dust and grime,
a chunk of rock so peculiar it was frozen in the depths of time?
Or perhaps a spectral, extraterrestrial, critter
ready to mystify humans, by venting out feelings so bitter
In a trice, there promptly blew a powerful, gusty breeze
instantly whipping through my hair, instantly jingling my keys
I stared in awe as those insulting clouds gracefully began to part
It was dull gray against blazing white, it was a splendid work of art
The glaring sun had reached its peak, it began to elicit tears
but that was when I could view the mass, all too very clear
I could vividly see pits and depression- I didn't know which was greater
and hollows, and pockets, and crater after crater
Crater after crater....

I can now very proudly say, that I am the very first girl
to have seen what no one has ever seen- no one in the entire world
What I had unintentionally seen on that stifling summer noon,
had been- you'll never guess!- it had been the moon

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