Thursday, April 17, 2014

Butterfly Wings

First published in the literary magazine 'Balloons Literary Journal'; later reprinted in my school's yearbook.

Like petals of the sky- delicate, fragile
pirouetting with the breeze, with distinguished style
Reflecting golden shards of soft sunlight,
their presence though often, could never be trite
They flit between the shades of nature, flutter at a lilt
emanating beauty, enveloping the world like a quilt
brightening the pallor of every relinquished field,
able to rouse the flowers that have dolefully keeled
Dancers of the air- clad in crimson and lime
resembling fairies, unheeding of the passage of time
Frail and vulnerable, with the texture of ice,
through the air, they purposefully slash and slice
They latch themselves to the syrup of the flowers
unencumbered as the sun scorches and glowers
They flitter instinctively, as though in a trance,
they create an illusion for the senses, as they whirl and dance
Yellow like a daffodil, blue like a coral,
red like a dewy rose, colorations that are floral
Predictably, the awakening of the sun was too sublime to last,
as the clouds converged, their temper overcast
They billowed across, and began to trickle,
and on the pearly wings, began to pierce and tickle
As thunder rolled across the sky,
the beauties retreated, with a disconsolate sigh
The blithely painted wings moved with the gust,
gliding to safety with unrelenting trust
The violent wind whipped through the grass,
as comeliness vanished, having amassed
As the storm died down, the butterflies all disappeared,
leaving the fields looking subdued and austere

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