Monday, May 26, 2014

Depths of Dreams

My mind is still unhinged by swirling thoughts,
that blissful, mollifying dreams had brought
I lie in bed, the sky plunged in dark,
as I marvel at the path on which my dreams would embark
Here and there, I can catch a tint
of confused, ambiguous colors- a trivial hint
A deserted memory that crops up in sleep,
from which showers of remembrances suddenly seep
in from an abandoned, forsaken part of my mind
that housed experiences and people I had been unable to find
I perceive a distant rush of voices, intertwined and fazed,
as I try to snap back to reality, though dull and dazed
When I dream, all the emotions I feel,
seem so naturalistic, evoking sentiments so real
The pleasure, the sadness, the fury, the pride,
the time when I gave up, felt helpless, and sighed
For a few minutes, I simply reminisce and dwell,
as though under the night's hypnotic spell
And that's when the sun's rays begin to shine-
proud and glowing, feeling very benign
And then slowly but surely, I begin to wake,
of the manacles of sleep, I give a firm shake
The cloud over my mind slowly disappears,
as I gingerly enter into the awakened, bustling sphere
On my muddled conscience I decide to muse-
the perplexing result of a deep, prolonged snooze
While my sight begins to sharpen, no longer uncanny
Clear thoughts emerge from every nook and cranny
As dreams escape, and distinct feelings unfurl,
I reluctantly become acquainted with the authentic, wakeful world 

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