Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Her Magic Voice

First published in the literary journal 'On the Rusk'

She whispers with her magic voice,
sounds that mingle with the breeze,
that tread up to creatures perched on trees
She lures them down with an angelic smile,
her voice brimming with beauty, bursting with guile,
with nuances sailing across the waves
that reach those hidden deeply in caves
They hear a compelling tone, an unhappy sigh,
as spirits of music serenely sail by,
that reach the critters thriving on dunes,
whose ears prick up by the enchanting tunes
They all shadow the trails of her magic voice,
heard by those flourishing in the ocean,
the melodies enough to set them in motion
She entices all animals with her song,
without thought, she takes them all along
But they can never find her, to their despair,
despite the actuality that they seek everywhere
To find an inkling, they will persist
that her magic voice does really exist,
though they may search, they will not get far,
for she is the music coming from the stars

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