Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Star in the Galaxy

Like a single person in the earth
lost in the hopes, the thoughts, the dreams
of the surrounding people- boys and girls,
one heart beating, among billions of others
So trivial, so insignificant, when viewed from above
by foreigners from another world
Our personal crises, our actions of scurry
are so meaningless, never worth the worry
as inconsequential as the minuscule creatures-
ants- whom we regard with amusement
at their assiduity, at their unwavering passion
to build their hill, no matter how many times torn
by our nonchalant, careless fashion
of roaming the earth as if it were solely ours,
as if we were omniscient and owned all the powers

Like a single flower rooted in a desert,
as lonesome, as isolated, yet as striking
it burns bright, lighting all in its vicinity
though it appears a single star in infinity
For it is surrounded by a billion others
that may glow brighter, that may shine dim,
yet throw light on their own family in space
to whom it is far superior, a life giving relic-
a massive sphere of heat and light
of varying shades, a stunning sight
if only the star could be seen-
distinguished from the others that overwhelm it
a distinct entity, not discerned as 
yet another common existence 
But the universe is so colossal
stars are generalized as stars-
a body that emits bundles of heat and life,
if given the opportunity to unleash its potential
a star can do wonders
a star can commence a civilization
it has astronomical worth-
a star in the galaxy 

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