Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Refrain of the Moon

It shone, it shimmered, giving radiant beams
sending light in many a luminous stream
though hidden by clouds, rather pale
shrouded by a misty veil,
lighting up the paths of all those lost
sending light glinting off the wintry frost,
illuminating the course of those at sea
casting forth its melody
of waves of light that never fade-
a rendition of a visual serenade
Compensating for the sorry lack,
ensuring that the world does not reign in black
of the warm colors of the day
that thankfully never truly fade away
Managing to set the night ablaze
enveloping everything in a silvery glaze
that does not last, that quickly dims
due to the clouds' untimely whims-
to conceal the moon's beauty, to shroud its flare
for governing their rather quotidian lair
Yet the moon persists to share its light
to the earth and darkness of the night
It arrives at its fancy, in its own, distinct way
eager to illuminate and shed its rays
Dominating and stately, dancing to its own tune
arrives the melody of the moon

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