Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Roseate Glow

The countryside beckoned invitingly
with verdant arms
The sun glowed enticingly,
drawing her away from the dullness of her room,
toward the golden sparkles it emitted
Laying stretched across the emerald blades of grass,
closing her eyes,
her hair whipping in the wind
she dared to dream

She was dressed in a gown of rosy pink,
whose edges danced about in the breeze
It shimmered in the light of the golden sky,
it reflected the red hues of the autumn leaves
Her silken hair trailed behind her,
in a long, flowing curtain
that mirrored the gusts of the bracing wind,
that pirouetted its own distinctive dance,
while her glowing eyes focused far in the distance...
they focused at nothing, as if in a trance
Blood rushed to her face, emanating a roseate gleam
of exhilaration, as she felt herself rising up
leaving behind the emerald blades of grass,
joining the clouds that hung so low,
that were bathed in the sun's golden glow,
joining the tapestry of the pale sky,
whose squalls whispered alluringly
Bidding farewell to the tedium of the ground,
entering the enchantment of the undulating heavens,
approaching the distant light
that was emitted by the golden orb that burned so far
Her gown sweeping behind her,
its encrusted jewels echoing the glare of the clouds
that hung high and proud,
its soft substance giving her wings
subject to the power of the winds it conjured,
she left the earth,
and entered the skies

She opened her eyes, happy, peaceful,
her hands running over the emerald blades of grass
that glittered in the moonlight
of the bygone sun
and saw, in shock, the gown
of rosy pink,
whose edges danced in the midnight breeze,
reflecting the hues of the moon-kissed leaves

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