Sunday, June 21, 2015


I'd create a tapestry of the morning shine
that envelops the cloth of the waking forest
which boasts shards of chartreuse and tendrils of lime-
soft colors against the shadows of the ground
housing stirring creatures, roused by the solar gleam
that pours from the fabric of the rose pink sky
Golden threads would arise from the hidden stars
whose gentle glow weakens as the temperature grows
The clouds would smile, with their reflected light
bestowing the skyline with the coloration of white
which would highlight the proud green of each rustling tree,
creating the musical scene of a melody

I'd create a tapestry of the ocean waves
and weave the cerulean of the lapping waters
that sparkle in the sunlight that lights up the sky
into which sprays of saline froth would fly
The sun would cross the horizon, its radiance weak,
the ocean dampening its fiery light,
extinguishing its blaze, letting puddles of amber
seep into the churning waters that meet the darkening sky
that extend indefinitely beyond, invisible to humanity,
yet visible on my tapestry of the ocean waves
that accentuate the shades of the blue sea,
whose varying colors join in harmony

I'd create a tapestry of the celestial hues
which rain down from the heavens as the moon grows
into an orb of luster from a luminous pearl
that transforms the darkness of the night sky
into the beauty of the shades of midnight blue
The stars would align in a shower of light
whose innocence cascades from their delicate glow
and aligns with the dreams of the earthlings who sleep,
whose enemy is the golden rays
of the sun, which represents the celestial foe
of my tapestry of the moon-bathed tints,
with a sky sprinkled by the consonance of tones of blue

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