Friday, June 14, 2013

Fact File: Chocolate

Most adults think that chocolate's a menace
little do they know they're wrong
for it actually helps in relieving stress
and helps us live for long

Chocolate is obtained from the cocoa bean
lowering the risk of heart disease
they are also comparatively low in caffeine
and prevent clot-like substances from clogging arteries

It actually contributes to a healthy, balanced diet
with a large-scale production of endorphins
so that you feel lively and awake, no longer quiet
and you and your friends will be alive with grins

Plus, the fat in chocolate makes you more immune,
increases resistance to all sorts of infection
though some people think that what chocolate does is ruin
and turn your health in the opposite direction

It has been concluded that pure chocolate reduces acne
and softens skin, making your face a sight
dark chocolate normally discourages tooth decay
leading to fewer cavities, and teeth more white

For those who consume 50 gm of chocolate per day
are less prone to suffering from cough and cold
and will less affected by the ultra-violet rays
whose body may have reduced the capacity to hold

Eating a bar of chocolate isn't a reason to fret
so savor each bite, do not be too hasty
give a satisfied smile, without any sign of regret
'cause to be honest, can there be anything more tasty?

For: All the chocolate-haters out there, including my dad
(All the information has been obtained from an encyclopedia)