Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wonders of Neptune

In terms of planets, there are very few
whose color is more striking than sapphire blue
after it is named the mighty Greek god Poseidon
his lieutenants include the moons Nereid and Triton
Though its appearance constantly changes,
with its climate there is a fixed norm
with a violent weather, freezing winds
and battles raging against the storm
over its surface are scattered wispy, white clouds
but its authentic nature, they do not shroud
Huge, water planet with a bright blue atmosphere
consisting of hydrogen and methane, it is anything but clear
its rings are settled particles of dust
created by the planet's never ending gusts
but what makes this body especially famous
is the fact that its power can pull Uranus
this was how people knew that this planet could exist
as there was a proximate force impossible for Uranus to resist
what makes the planet's mysteries grow
is the fact that condensation brings about pink snow
at zero degrees Kelvin, motion itself will pause
several theories have been made, hypotheses, other laws
This planet and its moons are only a few degrees more warm
they don't, somehow, cease to exist, given their structure and form
A place that I pray will become accessible very, very soon,
so that people can revitalize the glorious charm of Neptune

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