Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cutting Loose

What better a way to welcome the gale
then to harness the wind and parasail?
where you're fastened to colorful parachute
at the rear of the motorboat lies its root
where you can finally appreciate the ocean's waves
as you pass by dark, sinister caves
where you can detect a faint saltiness on your tongue
fresh, pollution-free air will fill each lung
when the world transforms into sunset and blue
that clash together to form multicolored hues
where people appear as hundreds of pinpricks
and the rain forest seems to be made of stiff, green sticks
when you now realize the sheer vastness of the sea
a self-governing system, all components are free
until there's that sudden, sickening jolt in your heart
awakening you from your torpor, an ideal jump start
when you understand you're beginning the descent
from the proximity of human voices, a clear message is sent
when you focus your view on the narrow strip of beach
you think you can touch it, yet it's so out of reach
the exact same principle follows for the stars
seeming so close, but still so far
but what if, in strength of rope, there was a dearth
thus severing your feeble connection to the Earth
you would continue to soar, continue to rise
unveiling the mysteries of the orange-tinted skies