Saturday, May 4, 2013

Creature under the Sea

Hidden deep under the sea, swim a swarm of unique creatures,
stealthy, almost invisible, possessing many diverse features
with bell-shaped bodies, and existence aging from the Mesozoic Era,
where they drifted across currents encasing the giant land mass Pangea
even when the meteorite destroyed the land on which dinosaurs thrived,
'survival of the fittest' comes into being as this species survived
crabs, shrimp and sea plants is on what they dine,
the favorite meal of turtles (they can even eat their own kind)
appearance like that of a plastic bag, illuminating the night,
in vibrant colors of blue and pink, giving off iridescent flashes of light
living in dark, mysterious caves, miles beneath the shore,
harmless until approached or threatened- their enemy doesn't know what's in store
for their tentacles contain stinging cells that can stun or paralyze,
so its necessary to know never to judge an animal based on its size
though some can grow up to be 35 meters in either length or height,
with a stinger exponentially times more toxic than that of a cobra's bite
but they are actually very simple invertebrates (which means they lack a backbone)
with a texture and hardness exactly opposite to both metal and stone
with a primitively structured body, and a centered, indistinct mouth,
can you guess which exquisite sea animal I am talking about?

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