Thursday, May 16, 2013

Haunted House

I step out of my red convertible, and scowl at my compass and map
for I seem to have lost my way completely, and landed at a desolate shack
I fearfully unlatch the creaking door, feeling like a movie star
but the sight of what lies right before me, tells me I won't get very far

It's tall, it's huge, it's double my height
with shaggy unkempt fur, blacker than night
It blends in perfectly with the haunting dark
though it's fangs are visible, more pointed than a shark's
bright, green eyes, penetrating through me
so lovely and clear, I feel a pang of jealousy
But then its mouth opens in a blood-curdling howl
I know it's motive is nothing less than foul
The hair stands straight at the back of my neck
I'm sweating all over, I must look a wreck
All of a sudden, on it's hind legs it stands
I have a vague feeling as to where it will land
I see a strange vision of the mutants in 'The Hunger Games'
praying that this horror isn't similar or the same
for if it is I could be headed for my doom
so it's crucial I escape from this room

So,  cautiously away from the door I inch
hoping it's a nightmare; I give myself a pinch
It's a reflex action, I give an involuntary yelp
I'm weak and exhausted, I desperately need help
I pound up the rickety, moth-eaten stairs
my hair coming loose of its previously set layers
I bolt myself into the bathroom above
staying put until something behind gives me a shove
I can feel hot breath tickle my back
I'm unable to think, I go completely slack
I crane my neck as I look around
my jaw opens wide, but from it comes no sound
I've come to a topic I would like to evade
it has burned in my memory, although I want it to fade
After this, events passed in quite a messed-up blur
featuring floating candles, slime and disheveled fur

I flee from the 'house' leaving half my possessions behind
hoping they will seem more interesting a find
I jump into my car, and make a secret vow
to never, ever enter that shack again, at least for now
for it's adventure I love, spooks, scares and the such
and looking back, these categories had been included pretty much

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