Thursday, May 23, 2013

Harry Potter Fantasy

I wish I could be admitted to Hogwarts School,
and return to the muggle world, in which I would rule
But the best part of the trip would be the magic
and to stopper events that might turn tragic
as well as meeting every student and teacher
and experimenting with all sorts of potions and creatures
what if I met Harry Potter, with his lightning scar
that makes him shine like a movie star
or listen to Draco Malfoy rant,
gosh! He's such a sycophant
and talk to a clever know-it-all girl,
with crooked teeth and hair in curls
or witness Rubeus Hagrid with his bushy beard,
who adores animals which all students feared
as he'll make us tame a blast-ended screwt,
which he apparently thinks are super cute
and view Dumbledore give a speech, so old and wise,
with his half-moon spectacles concealing bright blue eyes
or be like Harry and ride a hippogriff,
which would pitch itself from the highest cliff
cutting a wide arc across the sky,
and providing the sensation that I can fly
and watch an event that draws every wizard and witch
as the seeker desperately tries to capture the snitch
at the end of the day, eat banquets in the hall so great
and relish on all the delicacies I just ate
but what would make me uncomfortable, the most,
would be walking right through a Hogwarts ghost
and worst of all if I run into Peeves,
so cunning and spiteful, evil schemes up his sleeve
it wouldn't be too bad if I met Nick
who is thoroughly opposed to Peeves' petty tricks
Interesting of all, would be the learning,
for example, transfiguration can be quite disconcerting
what better a way to use my skill,
than to make an empty candy box fill
or to make a lost paper materialize,
right before my very eyes
and experience Flitwick teach me charms,
which I can use to save myself from harm
and to transform things that would make me fret
into a vacuous, unnecessary threat
but what would whip me out of shape,
would be attending Potions class, headed by Snape
no more studying history and math,
thus saving me from geometry's evil wrath
no more uniforms, no need to  be formal
I would wear a black cloak, that's far from normal
I'd send messages to my sister, using the owl post
to gloat about my wand, and a whole other host
but for now I'm going to continue to dream
hoping that Hogwarts lets you in at the age of fourteen
so that this prestigious school will send me a letter,
and my school syllabus will take a turn for the better

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  1. Thanks a lot Richa Gupta for this great share! Harry Potter fantasy is truly amazing, I have gotten a lot from this blog! Thanks for great stuff for fans.