Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big Bang Theory's'

It's sort of strange to realize that the universe had a start,
and that once it appeared, the main body started attracting part by part
Before the Big Bang, space was nothing but a void of vacuum and dust
with a few sparks here and there, and maybe an occasional gust
But after the Big Bang occurred, space wasn't an endless tunnel of black
humans can explore it all they want, though gravity holds them back
Our universe was a 'singularity' 13.7 billion years before
(singularities are substances that exist at a black hole's core)
It was infinitesimally small, and infinitely hot and dense
after its appearance it expanded and cooled considerably, from whence
it continues to do so till this very day, and this very hour
housing a unique planet, circling around a beautiful star
and it's clustered to a trillion balls of heat- the sun isn't at the core
so the entire galaxy and universe, through the cosmos they continue to soar
Why there's static on television screens, no one knows too clearly,
but most people know that it roots back to the Big Bang Theory

They're all a bunch of nerds- geniuses but self-possessed,
and with quantum physics and god-knows-what they're constantly obsessed
The characters are really good, but Sheldon has to be the best
his eccentric and non-conventional ways completely overshadow the rest
He has a total lack of social skills, and believes in adherence to routine,
he cannot feel humility, and his surroundings must be cleaner than clean
He can speak 5 languages, as well as 'Klingon' from Star Trek
though he faints at the sight of blood, he still has high intellect
And then there's Leonard Hofstadter- well, he's a bit more formal
and looks positively smarter among his group abnormal
As for Howard and Raj- there's little I have to say
though they can't go without fighting with each other every other day
And Penny, a waitress, beautifully gorgeous and blond
with a dream to be an actress; she's very protective of those who she's fond
Although the show comes so often, to watch it I barely have time
but it must be interesting enough if I decide to initiate a rhyme

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