Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Rose

Amidst a threshold of perennial woods
a powerful palace of the king stood
it functioned on well-being, truth and peace
its purity of subjects, never to cease
and once the prince's potential was shown
he was next to ascend the throne
But it became apparent, that he was not destined to rule
for the prince was unforgiving, haughty and cruel
As when a helpless old lady appeared at his door
the man turned her away, and said no more
She then offered him a rose, for a place to sleep at night
when he selfishly refused, there was a blinding flash of light
and there stood a fairy, dazzling and bright

As recognition hit, he was lost in a desperate plea
begging to redeem himself, for condonement, for  mercy
Yet the fairy saw darkness in his heart
one lacking love, which he shunned on his part
So she flicked her wand towards the east
and the prince transformed into a monstrous beast
The fairy then presented him with her rose,
which the prince realized, pulses and glows
She stated that until the prince found love
each magical petal will wither, and rise above
And, the maiden whom he loves, should as well
for till then, the flower shall continue to fell
and once it becomes a plain, green stalk
in the body of the beast, his soul will remain locked

The prince guarded the rose's secret, with his life
to postpone its withering, was his constant strive
At times the loneliness was too much to handle
despite his subjects, a clock and a candle
Yet the prince was more fortunate than one can tell
for he met the beautiful, maiden Belle

Though the prince then turned human, there lay the flower
abandoned, forgotten, having lost its special power
It remained in the dungeons, never to be found
with a few dull pink petals, resting on the ground

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