Sunday, April 14, 2013


Sunlight shines through the dusty window
at me my mother begins to scream,
oh why do I have to go to school?
for I had just been in the middle of a fabulous dream...

This was my Dream:

Where the sky is devoid of garbage and dust
and sparkling crystals stay buried in the sand,
where the heat is not increasing day by day,
yes! this is a magical land

Where stars dominate the crystal clear sky
forming constellations like Orion and Capricorn,
so unlike the present day polluted air
which we helpless earthlings have grown to mourn

Where gentle waves lap the shore
from which emerge an amalgam of things,
from merpeople to  fire-fish to sea horses to oysters,
whose pearls can be made into priceless rings

But the most triumphant feature about my land
is that people are not controlled by their greed,
where the world is not divided into rich and poor
and everything is provided to satisfy their need

And then I awoke...

I couldn't help but wish that Earth was like this magical land
without greenhouse effect, rising heat and pollution,
which has reached such a great extent
there may not be a probable solution

And that present day people weren't divided
on the basis of age, creed and caste,
for we must move on, and put these differences
forever forgotten in the past

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