Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Unfulfilled Wishes

I wish I owned a pair a wings
to soar through the limitless sky,
to look down upon those unfortunate beings
who lack hollow bones to fly

Or even better if I had fins
and the hydrosphere was my home,
where each breath would create a torrent of bubbles
which would rise up along with the foam

Or perhaps if I came from a non- existant land
full of ogres, witches and stranger creatures,
how blessed it must be for 'people' like them
to possess a bunch of unimaginable features

For example, if I was a pleasant little thing
with a bright pink cloak and a jeweled crown,
who went from pillow to pillow picking up teeth
of the sleeping young children downtown

But these are all impractical,
impossible hopes to wish,
but I still think rather than being a girl
I would do much better as a fairy or a fish

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