Monday, April 22, 2013

Movie Day

I wake up in the morning, groggy and gray
until I realize today is 'Movie Day'
An evil grin flashes across my face
my day'll be packed, there will be no space
to cycle, to read, to play piano, to study
today is my day, I'll be in no hurry
I bounce on the couch and lock the front door
'cause I'm going to start with 'Fantastic Four'
I warm up some popcorn in the microwave
pondering on the amount of time I'll save
if I skive off breakfast. lunch and dinner,
none will be harmed, and I'll be the winner
My mouth gets flooded with the warm taste of butter
(It's something I'd eat if it lay in a gutter)
I watch as Johnny transforms into a ball of fire
his power enabling him to rise higher and higher
and when he, Ben, Susie and Reed
give Victor a treat that he truly needs
The movie ends, but I'm prepared
today's created a memory I would love to share
I insert 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'
and lie contentedly as I watch Stan
fill Harry in about Sirius Black
little did Harry know he had seen him just a while back
Towards the end of the movie my stomach starts to growl
just as I hear Lupin's creepy werewolf howl
My throat hurts from keeping silent so long
part of me knows what I'm doing is wrong
anyway I shovel down mouthfuls of cake and apple cider
and I stare at the screen, now showing Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
For 'Tangled' is a movie that's more of my type
and one of the few I genuinely like
but it's a movie I've watched a few times too many
and getting as old as my fathers bottle of 'Fenny'
So I decide to change the disc once more,
in a movie watching contest I'd secure the highest score
But admittedly, my eyes are starting to burn and hurt
and the sofa is sticking to the back of my shirt
So I switch off the TV, and run down to play
and that's how I spent and ended 'Movie Day'