Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Universe in a Year

Imagine the number of events that happened before you were born,
like on Jan 1, midnight (the Big Bang occurred and) the universe was formed
The amount of noise that followed, painful to the ear
yielded many results: on March 15 stars and galaxies began to appear
On May 1 several phenomena took place, that day,
the outcome was the formation of the gigantic Milky Way
Beginning of September, a body was made without which the Earth can't run,
the body was none other than the life providing sun
The very next day (Sep 9) the Solar System was given birth,
after which was the rise of a fiery chunk of rock, the Earth
The moon began to revolve around the Earth at a uniform pace,
all the newly created celestial bodies, collectively, are termed as space
On September 20, the atmosphere took shape and the Earth began to cool,
so a group of of the earliest known life on Earth gradually started to pool
On Oct 7 the first ever fossils were discovered,
and later on, the first multicellular organisms began to take cover
In mid December, fish and insects were born who started to breath,
as well as the reptiles and land plants who thrived well on the heath
On 24 Dec, the fearsome dinosaurs took over the land,
after which the birds and mammals decided to take their stand
On 28 December, a meteorite struck and dinosaurs were wiped from the Earth,
that was when (on 31 Dec, 11:55 pm) first homo sapiens were given birth

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